13 June (10am – 9pm) | 14 June (10am – 6pm) GMT +2
13 June (10am – 9pm) | 14 June (10am – 6pm) GMT +2

What is Stay Home Comic Con?

On June 13-14 we will host the second edition of the Stay Home Comic Con. An online convention where you can meet (comic) artists, dealers, comic stores and publishers. You can browse their online shop, watch their live streams and chat with each other on discord.

Stay Home Comic Con will be using Discord and Twitch to create an online Comic Con. Discord will be used as a convention hall. There will be different live streams every half hour or, hosted by the participants! 

In the Artist Alley, Dealer Hall and Strips & Comic Corner you’ll find an overview of your favourite shops and how to find their shop and online profiles! Want to meet them, find them on Discord!

Book a table (reserve list)

Fill in our form to claim your spot on our website. We offer you an online booth with links to your social accounts. Also, you can join our online live-stream program for extra exposure!

Join Make-up Cosplay Contest

This cosplay contest will be about your makeup skills! So pick up your brushes, pallets, foundation, lenses and maybe even your silicone prosthetics and surprise us with your skills!

Get your portfolio reviewed!

 Show your portfolio to the biggest international Art Agency in the world: Glass House Graphics!

Latest News

Interview Begona F Martin aka @shirakcosplay

Interview Begona F Martin aka @shirakcosplay

What first got you interested in doing cosplay, and when did you combine cosplay and SFX make up? It happened when I went to my very first comic con, in the year 2000. I saw these people dressed up as their favourite "Slayers" characters and I thought, "I wanna do...

Make-up Cosplay Contest

Make-up Cosplay Contest

Cosplay always seems to be about the best costume or the best styled wig, but there is a third! Make up can bring together a whole costume. You can fake large eyes, make one day scars and if you are very talented, change your entire appearance itself. So this cosplay...

Interview cosplay judge @lidl_delirium

Interview cosplay judge @lidl_delirium

(Dutch interview below the picture!) When did you start cosplaying? Somewhere in 2005 or 2006 - so quite a while! What was your first cosplay? Did you make it yourself? Oh, good question! I guess I once started with Sasuke from Naruto or Marik fom Yu-Gi-Oh. It's been...


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