Closed – Retail cosplay competition

May 3, 2020 | 0 comments

Let me tell you a story, about a poor cosplayer with little crafting space… 

She had a cosplay she wanted to do and therefor went in search of all the pieces across town. She turned  thrift stores upside down and found herself the shoes and found a cool vintage suitcase in another store. Her wig was found second hand! Her blouse in the back of her closet and her skirt on final sale at the mall. At the end of her search she found the perfect ribbons on a local market. 

Story seems familiar?

Especially for these cosplayers we have brand new competition!

This competition will not be about crafting, not about fancy sewing fabrics or gear that’s too expensive.

 This competition will be accessible for everybody! We’re looking for crafty cosplayers that create their cosplays by doing smart shopping, who buy there things and make adjustments and don’t make a lot of crafting hours, but do make lots of searching hours.

 Are you our retail cosplay king or queen?

The prices? An Arda Wigs giftcard!

 Cheers, Violet Evergarden – Lucky CatNL

Deadline: 10 May 8PM GMT+2 (20:00 for locals)!



  • At least one item in the cosplay is a retail item. 
  • The costume is brought together by yourself.
  • Character pictures of the person you cosplay are included in the mail.
  • The costume pieces can all be bought independently but not the complete costume. 1 item has to be out of retail.
  • Handmade items from scratch may be include but are not given extra points.
  • Nudity is forbidden. Your cosplay also has to be more than only small pieces of underwear.

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